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Dahrendorf project performance representing the experiences of children born of war


FAPAD, founded in 2004, emerged as a beacon of hope during a critical human rights crisis in northern Uganda. As a registered non-governmental organization (NGO), FAPAD stands firmly supported by a network of donors dedicated to its cause. Guided by a powerful vision of fostering equitable, inclusive, and resilient communities, FAPAD is committed to uplifting the lives of marginalized populations through the provision of vital services and the fortification of systems and structures.

Through dynamic collaborations with local communities and national and international development stakeholders, FAPAD has actively championed the urgent need for social, political, and economic inclusion and justice. Its overarching mission remains centred on combating impunity, fostering sustainable livelihoods and social justice by tackling the root causes perpetuating vulnerability, marginalization, and poverty in Uganda.

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Never Such Innocence (NSI) is a UK charity that gives young people around the world a voice on conflict, through poetry, art, speech and song. 


The charity delivers in-school and virtual workshops, led by expert poetry, art, speech and song writing practitioners. The workshops help participants build confidence and communication skills. The work the young people create is shared at community roadshows for an audience of distinguished guests. The annual NSI international competition asks key questions on conflict.


Never Such Innocence aims to nurture the next generation of thinkers, leaders and peace keepers through the arts; inspiring cultural exchange and dialogue.

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Thistleflowers - Russian Children in Germany


Art work by Knut Weise Breda NL

Our name pays tribute to the poet Leo Tolstoy who described the thistle as a tough and resilient plant - the same as we are.

In 2013, as part of a study, Leipzig University sought out people whose fathers were Allied soldiers. These were children of the occupation. We are a small group of people with Soviet fathers. Most of us owe our lives to a love affair, but some of us also owe our lives to an act of violence.

We met for the first time in March 2014 with the aim of going public. Some of us have written down our stories in a book called "Thistleflowers - Russian Children in Germany", which was published in 2015. This book is available in print in German and English. A free version is also available in PDF in English.

Members of the Leipzig group operate not as an association but as a group that is open to all children fathered by Soviet soldiers who would like to contact us.

We talk heart to heart, hold annual meetings, provide lectures at schools, libraries and universities and support researchers and journalists. We also support individuals trying to find their relatives (father's families) in the former Soviet Union and in Germany.

Contact Winfried Behlau - 

“Shadow Kids” by Knut Weise, Breda NL
Art work by Knut Weise Breda NL, a flower emerges from beneath a Soviet soldiers helmet

Stand Speak Rise Up! association aims to denounce violence in sensitive areas, prevent its proliferation and support victims in their reconstruction and their need for justice. The association funds holistic projects for Survivors and their children worldwide and acts as an advocate for victims of violence.

The use of rape as a weapon of war is a silenced issue, which makes it a time bomb that fragments societies and prevents the emergence of long-lasting peace.

Stand Speak Rise Up! was created following the international conference against rape as a weapon of war and against sexual violence in sensitive areas, which brought together 50 survivors and more than 1,200 people in Luxembourg on 26 and 27 March 2019, at the initiative of Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Since then, the association has been organizing meetings and exhibitions to raise public awareness of this issue and the fate of Survivors. In addition to its advocacy role, the association supports concrete projects for the economic empowerment of Survivors throughout the world.

It acts as a "megaphone" for the victims but also for the bearers of solutions. It organizes regular meetings on specific topics, inviting both survivors and international experts.

The purpose is to draw up factual observations, propose solutions and influence international authorities to change the situation.

The initiative Stand Speak Rise Up! is a call to national and international organizations representatives and civil society to support its cause and strengthen the capacities to act. To put an end to the impunity of sexual crimes masterminds in sensitive areas should be an international priority!

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The “Forgotten Children of War” Association is the first association in the Western Balkan countries whose founders and members are children born of war. The association works on the visibility of the vulnerable category of children in the country of origin of their mothers and / or the country of origin of their biological fathers. In an innovative way members introduce the public to the issues they face regarding social and legal visibility, often using art as a tool to connect.

BREAKING FREE Exhibition - Belgrade, Serbia

Bearing in mind the Association "Forgotten Children of the War" has been active for 8 years, through the program of social recognition, the Bosnian public became familiar with the absence of social and legal visibility of children born of war.

In July 2022, the Law on Civilian War Victims of Brčko District was adopted, in which, for the first time in history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, children born of war were recognized as a special legal category of society. Although this law applies only to territory of Brčko District administrative unit, it encouraged the adoption of the Law on the Protection of Civilian Victims of War in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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