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Building Sustainable Peace After War

How Do We Build Peace After Conflict?

We provide Psychosocial Support & Trauma Counselling

We support Economic Empowerment for Independence

We work for Reconciliation through Community Building Engagement

We contribute to securing Rights and Wellbeing through Advocacy 

We Don't leave anyone behind​

Wars don't just end with official declarations of peace

Wars end when communities heal

Members of GRACE secured funding to support a Peer-to-Peer Counselling Training Programme for children born of war in Northern Uganda in 2022. Using Narrative exposure Therapy (NET) the group learned how to offer psychosocial support to victims of war, children born in captivity and abductee mothers within their communities. GRACE is now fundraising to support a programme of peer-to-peer counselling, which will take place over a period of four to five weeks.

Experience sharing by participants engaged in peer-to-peer counselling training
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